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The Artists

There are so many great artist designing for Hermes, that it is really hard to know why one becomes more sought after than another. Here are a few to look out for:


 Kermit Oliver. A postman from Texas, Oliver is considered one of the greatest living American Painters and is the only American  ever to design for Hermes.  His first scarf was in 1984  and ha sdesigned 18 to date.  


 Ugo Gattoni.  Gattoni is a Persian born artist  and has been with Hermes since 2015 and has designed  5 scarves to date ....his  most  sought after is  The Battery of New York.

Cathy Latham is another artist who is responsible for some of the most popular designs over the years. 

'Les Cles", "Washingtons Carriage" "Ferronnerie"  to name a few of her  54 designs.

Zoe Pauwels, a modern artist who has produced 25  iconic scarves.

Xavier de Poret  a very sought after artist  is responsible for 2 of Hermes most rarest design "Les Levriers and Greyhunds"..He has  19 designed scarves  ...all to do with his art of drawing animals.

Hugo Grygkar, the" Father of Hermes designs" who has designed for Hermes  since 1944. (born 1907- died 1959) and designed over !60 scarves ..all amazingly beautiful classic designs. His early designs that have not been reissued are now considered  to be "Grails"


Ardmore Studio Designs Herme invited ,a South African  company to design a series of scarves for 2016 collection.  To date there are 3  magnificent scarves. "Marche du Zambeze" ' Savanna Dance"   "Flowers of South Africa" and  "Baobab Cat" are  4 wonderful scarves


Julie Abadie. Her first was in 1968  and she has designed 24 in total ..all are so unique .  and some of my favourites..Again, any of her early designs with 1 issue only, are very desired.

The Scarf "Grails"
Hermes Scarf 1937 Jeu Des Omnibus Robert Dumas

Jeu Des Omnibus By Robert Dumas,artistic director  and son in law to Thierry Hermes. First issued in 1937.

Hermes Hermès Scarf The New Game of Human Life

"The New Game Of Human Life"  .



"The Anglers Companion" 

 "Traits" ,unknown artist.

1937 Hermès Carre Scarf

"Pastoral Rosiers" by Charles Pittner. 

Hermès scarf carre Sellier

"Sellier"  . 

Hermes Spring 2021 

Hermes Carre Hermès scarf 2021
Hermès scarf Hermes
Hermès Scarf Hermes 2021
Hermès Scarf Carre Hermes
The Jaquards
Hermès Hermes Scarf
hermes scarf Hermès
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