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“Din Tini Ya Zui “by  Jose Vincente Ezequiel

“Din Tini Ya Zui “by Jose Vincente Ezequiel


Attributed to a Mexican artist Jose Vicente Ezequiel for the SS 2011 collection ....taken  from a tapesty he designed and in the Musee D'Art  Populaire of Mexico.

Title is in the Aztec  language and roughly means  " I have arrived" .

The tapestry ( which is exhibited in the museum  in Mexico City)is embroidered  .. so the scarf design is of  mythical  embroidered figures and animals .

The colours are fabulous and bright against a green background  and a blue border .

This scarf is is very different and stunning.

In wonderful condition.

Rare ..issued only once .

Comes with Hermes scarf box.

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