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The history and the detailing of the designs have always intrigued me. I was fascinated with everything about this work of art and so started my love of researching and collecting. In the spring of 2024 I was approached by the editor of Fashion Magazine (Toronto) for an interview you can find here

Why are Hermes Scarves so special?

It takes 300 cocoons to produce 450,000 m of silk thread to make one scarf.

It then takes 3 months to weave the silk threads into fabric ready for printing.

Hermes engravers translate the artist designs and silk screen them in many different colorways.

A scarf with 30 colors takes an average of 500 hours

Finally .the seamstresses use silk thread to hand stitch a rolled hem (called the Roulotte)- which is rolled to the front of the scarf.

It takes 1700 hours to make one scarf 

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